18 June 2021
18 June 2021



9.30-10.30            Introduction to the workshop and update of the MUSE 4D Research Unit program: ongoing activities and preliminary results

  • Brief introduction to RU Chieti - Giusy Lavecchia (10’)
  • Brief introduction to RU Perugia - Cristina Pauselli (10’)
  • Brief introduction to RU Pavia - Giovanni Toscani (10’)
  • Brief introduction to RU INGV Roma- Luisa Valoroso (10’)
  • Brief introduction to RU Messina - Barbara Orecchio (10’)
  • Brief introduction to RU Catania - Carmelo Monaco (10’)



10.30 - 13.00          Seismological and geodetic data sets

  • New seismic catalogue of the Southern Apennines in the period 2009-2015 through template-matching techniques - Giovanni Diaferia INGV Roma (20’)
  • Defining a new a-priori velocity model for tomographic investigation in South Italy. Cristina Totaro (UNIME 10') 
  • Earthquake locations and focal mechanisms in the Calabrian region - Barbara Orecchio (UNIME, 20') 
  • Seismic database, tomographic images and tectonic regimes of on-shore and offshore Calabria - Luciano Scarfi (INGV, 15’)
  • Update on historical earthquakes data- Fina Barbano (UNICT-10’)
  • The geodetic campaigns – Giorgio De Guidi (UNICT, 10’)
  • Remote sensing of fractures in the M. Vettore area - Yuri Panara (UNIPV + UNIPG, 10’)
  • geometric and kinematic analysis of active faults with field and remote data - Marco Menichetti (UNICH, 10’)
  • Discussion


13.00 - 14.30          Lunch break


14.30 - 15.30          Focus on Study area Irpinia -Val d’Agri

  • Irpinia - Val d’Agri active fault pattern – Simone Bello (UNICH, 10’)
  • Irpinia seismic reflection profiles: interpretations and geological model Filippo Carboni (UNIPG + UNIPV, 10’)
  • Geophysical modelling of two crustal sections across the Southern Apennines and the Calabrian Arc - Assel Akimbekova, (UNIPG, 10’)
  • Vp velocity and density properties of the main litho-structural units of the Southern Apennines from geophysical log data - Assel Akimbekova, (UNIPG, 10’)


15.30 - 16.30          Focus on Study area Calabria

  • Evidence of active tectonics in the Catanzaro Trough (Southern Calabria - Italy) by morphotectonic, seismological and geodetic analyses - Claudia Pirrotta, (UNICT + UNICH, 10’)
  • 3D fault model of the Pollino area (UNICH and UNIME) and preliminary field observations from the Catanzaro Through - Daniele Cirillo. (UNICH, 10’).
  • An integrated multiscale method for the characterisation of active faults in offshore areas. The case of Sant’Eufemia Gulf (offshore western Calabria). Marta Corradino. (UNICT, 10’)
  • The Messina Strait geo-structure as revealed by field and marine geophysical data; seismotectonic implications - Giovanni Barreca. (UNICT, 10’)
  • Other possible interpretations to be tested for the 1908 and 1783 earthquake - Giusy Lavecchia (UNICH, 10’)


16.30 - 17.30           Discussion and programs (forthcoming activities, field workshop, and expected results within six months)


The webinar will take place online.
Join my meeting from computer, tablet or smartphone at the following link: meet.google.com/obj-xmuv-ztp