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URCH035 S. Bello, C. P. Scott, F. Ferrarini, F. Brozzetti, T. Scott, D. Cirillo, R. de Nardis, J. R. Arrowsmith and G. Lavecchia High-resolution surface faulting from the 1983 Idaho Lost River Fault Mw 6.9 earthquake and previous events
URCH034 S. Bello, R. de Nardis, R. Scarpa, F. Brozzetti, D. Cirillo, F. Ferrarini, B. di Lieto, R. J. Arrowsmith and G. Lavecchia Fault Pattern and Seismotectonic Style of the Campania – Lucania 1980 Earthquake (Mw 6.9, Southern Italy): New Multidisciplinary Constraints 2021
URCH033 D. Cirillo Digital Field Mapping and Drone-Aided Survey for Structural Geological Data Collection and Seismic Hazard Assessment: Case of the 2016 Central Italy Earthquakes 2020
URCH032 F. Brozzetti, A. C. Mondini, C. Pauselli, P. Mancinelli, D. Cirillo, F. Guzzetti  and G. Lavecchia Mainshock Anticipated by Intra-Sequence Ground Deformations: Insights from Multiscale Field and SAR Interferometric Measurements 2020
URCH031 A. Testa, P. Boncio, M. Di Donato, G. Mataloni, F. Brozzetti and D. Cirillo Mapping the geology of the 2016 Central Italy earthquake fault (Mt. Vettore – Mt. Bove fault, Sibillini Mts.): geological details on the Cupi – Ussita and Mt. Bove – Mt. Porche segments and overall pattern of coseismic surface faulting 2019
URCH030 F. Villani, R. Civico, S. Pucci, L. Pizzimenti, R. Nappi, P. M. De Martini and the Open EMERGEO Working Group
A database of the coseismic effects following the 30 October 2016 Norcia earthquake in Central Italy
URCH029 R. Civico, S. Pucci, F. Villani, L. Pizzimenti, P. M. De Martini, R. Nappi and the Open EMERGEO Working Group Surface ruptures following the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 Norcia earthquake, central Italy 2018
URCH028 G. Lavecchia, R. de Nardis, G. Costa, L. Tiberi, F. Ferrarini, D. Cirillo, F. Brozzetti  and P. Suhadolc Was the Mirandola thrust really involved in the Emilia 2012 seismic sequence (northern Italy)? Implications on the likelihood of triggered seismicity effects 2015
URCH027 G. Lavecchia, R. de Nardis, D. Cirillo, F. Brozzetti and P. Boncio The May-June 2012 Ferrara Arc earthquakes (northern Italy): structural control of the spatial evolution of the seismic sequence and of the surface pattern of coseismic fractures 2012
URCH026 F. Brozzetti, P. Boncio, D. Cirillo, F. Ferrarini, R. de Nardis, A. Testa, F. Liberi, and G. Lavecchia High‐Resolution Field Mapping and Analysis of the August–October 2016 Coseismic Surface Faulting (Central Italy Earthquakes): Slip Distribution, Parameterization, and Comparison With Global Earthquakes 2019
URCH025 R. Castaldo, R. de Nardis, V. DeNovellis, F. Ferrarini, R. Lanari, G. Lavecchia, S. Pepe, G. Solaro, and P. Tizzani Coseismic Stress and Strain Field Changes Investigation Through 3-D Finite Element Modeling of DInSAR and GPS Measurements and Geological/Seismological Data: The L’Aquila (Italy) 2009 Earthquake Case Study 2018
URCH023 Paolo Boncio,  Sara Amoroso, Giovanna Vessia, Marco Francescone, Mauro Nardone, Paola Monaco, Daniela Famiani, Deborah Di Naccio, Alessia Mercuri, Maria Rosaria Manuel, Fabrizio Galadini and Giuliano Milana Evaluation of liquefaction potential in an intermountain Quaternary lacustrine basin (Fucino basin, central Italy) 2018
URCH022 Paolo Boncio, Francesca Liberi, Martina Caldarella and Fiia-Charlotta Nurminen Width of surface rupture zone for thrust earthquakes: implications for earthquake fault zoning 2018
URCH020 Federica Ferrarini, Paolo Boncio, Rita de Nardis, Gerardo Pappone, Massimo Cesarano, Pietro P.C. Aucelli, Giusy Lavecchia Segmentation pattern and structural complexities in seismogenic extensional settings: The North Matese Fault System (Central Italy) 2017
URCH019 Francesco Brozzetti, Daniele Cirillo, Rita de Nardis, Mauro Cardinali, Giusy Lavecchia, Barbara Orecchio, Debora Presti and Cristina Totaro  Newly identified active faults in the Pollino seismic gap, southern Italy, and their seismotectonic significance 2017
URCH018 G. Lavecchia, G. M. Adinolfi, R. de Nardis, F. Ferrarini, D. Cirillo, F. Brozzetti, R. De Matteis, G. Festa and A. Zollo Multidisciplinary inferences on a newly recognized active east-dipping extensional system in Central Italy 2016
URCH017 G. Lavecchia, R. Castaldo, R. de Nardis, V. De Novellis, F. Ferrarini, S. Pepe, F. Brozzetti, G. Solaro, D. Cirillo, M. Bonano, P. Boncio, F. Casu, C. De Luca, R. Lanari, M. Manunta, M. Manzo, A. Pepe, I. Zinno and P. Tizzani
Ground deformation and source geometry of the 24 August 2016 Amatrice earthquake (Central Italy) investigated through analytical and numerical modeling of DInSAR measurements and structural-geological data
URCH016 Giuseppe Di Giulio, Rita de Nardis, Paolo Boncio, Giuliano Milana, Gianluigi Rosatelli, Francesco Stoppa and Giusy Lavecchia Seismic response of a deep continental basin includingvelocity inversion: the Sulmona intramontane basin (Central Apennines, Italy) 2016
URCH024 Francesco Brozzetti, Daniele Cirillo, Francesca Liberi, Eugenio Piluso, Elena Faraca, Rita De Nardis and Giusy Lavecchia Structural style of Quaternary extension in the Crati Valley (Calabrian Arc): Evidence in support of an east-dipping detachment fault 2016
URCH021 Paolo Boncio, Anna Maria Dichiarante, Eugenio Auciello, Michele Saroli and Francesco Stoppa Normal faulting along the western side of the Matese Mountains: Implications for active tectonics in the Central Apennines (Italy) 2016
URCH015 G. Lavecchia, R. de Nardis, G. Costa, L. Tiberi, F. Ferr arini, D. Cirillo, F. Brozzetti  and P. Suhadolc Strong motion recorded during the Emilia 2012 thrust earthquakes (Northern Italy): a comprehensive analysis 2015
URCH014 F. Ferrarini, G. Lavecchia, R. de Nardis and F. Brozzetti Fault Geometry and Active Stress from Earthquakes and Field Geology Data Analysis: The Colfiorito 1997 and L’Aquila 2009 Cases (Central Italy) 2015
URCH013 Guido Maria Adinolfi, Raffaella De Matteis, Antonella Orefice, Gaetano Festa, Aldo Zollo, Rita de Nardis and Giusy Lavecchia
The September 27, 2012, ML 4.1, Benevento earthquake: A case of strike-slip faulting in Southern Apennines (Italy)
URCH012 Rita de Nardis, Luisa Filippi, Giovanni Costa, Peter Suhadolc, Mario Nicoletti and Giusy Lavecchia Strong motion recorded during the Emilia 2012 thrust earthquakes (Northern Italy): a comprehensive analysis 2014
URCH011 M. A. Romano, R. de Nardis, M. Garbin, L. Peruzza, E. Priolo, G. Lavecchia, and M. Romanelli Temporary seismic monitoring of the Sulmona area (Abruzzo, Italy): a quality study of microearthquake locations 2013
URCH010 Deborah Di Naccio, Paolo Boncio, Francesco Brozzetti, Frank J. Pazzaglia, Giusy Lavecchia Morphotectonic analysis of the Lunigiana and Garfagnana grabens (northern Apennines, Italy): Implications for active normal faulting 2013
URCH009 K. Bell, G. Lavecchia, G. Rosatelli Cenozoic Italian magmatism e Isotope constraints for possible plume-related activity 2013
URCH008 Sgroi T., de Nardis R. and Lavecchia G. Crustal structure and seismotectonics of central Sicily (southern Italy): new constraints from instrumental seismicity 2012
URCH007 GIUSY LAVECCHIA, FEDERICA FERRARINI, FRANCESCO BROZZETTI, RITA DE NARDIS, PAOLO BONCIO & LAURO CHIARALUCE From surface geology to aftershock analysis: Constraints on the geometry of the L’Aquila 2009 seismogenic fault system 2012
URCH006 Giusy Lavecchia and Keith Bell Magmatectonic Zonation of Italy: A Tool to Understanding Mediterranean Geodynamics 2012
URCH005 Elisa Zambonelli, Rita de Nardis, Luisa Filippi, Mario Nicoletti and Mauro Dolce Performance of the Italian strong motion network during the 2009, L’Aquila seismic sequence (central Italy) 2011
URCH004 F. Brozzetti The Campania‐Lucania Extensional Fault System, southern Italy: A suggestion for a uniform model of active extension in the Italian Apennines 2011
URCH003 Francesco Visini, Rita de Nardis and Giusy Lavecchia Rates of active compressional deformation in central Italy and Sicily: evaluation of the seismic budget 2010
URCH002 Antonella Gorini, Mario Nicoletti, Paolo Marsan, Riccardo Bianconi, Rita De Nardis, Luisa Filippi, Sandro Marcucci, Franco Palma and Elisa Zambonelli The Italian strong motion network 2010
URCH001 P. Boncio, A. Pizzi, F. Brozzetti, G. Pomposo, G. Lavecchia, D. Di Naccio and F. Ferrarini Coseismic ground deformation of the 6 April 2009 L’Aquila earthquake (central Italy, Mw6.3) 2010