CRUST is an Interuniversity Center for Research on 3D-Seismotectonics.

The acronym CRUST literally stands for “Centro InterRUniversitario per l’Analisi SismoTettonica tridimensionale con applicazioni territoriali”.

CRUST was founded since 12 April 2016. It is the brainchild of a group of academics to promote the Italian University research and teaching in the field of Seismotectonics, meant as the analysis of long-term and present tectonic processes operating at a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, in order to understand seismogenic process controlling seismic hazard.

Nine Italian Universities are involved: CataniaMessinaSalernoRomatrePerugiaChieti

BolognaFerrara and Pavia, with research groups in structural geology and geophysics.

Since April 2018, CRUST is enriched by the presence of three other research groups from the Universities of MilanoMilano Bicocca and Napoli, although their formal involvement is still in itinere. 

The strict relationships between Research Units with a wide spectrum of expertise will allow us to develop advanced multidisciplinary and multi-scale seismotectonic research. The results of such research will be applied to all stages of earthquake risk mitigation and management, substantially improving the comprehension of seismic clusters while providing a fast scientific assessment of emergencies to stakeholders and decision makers.

  • CRUST Chair is Giusy Lavecchia, full professor of Structural Geology at Ud’A, Chieti.
  • CRUST Academic Board consists of twelve academics, each from one of the associate Universities.
  • CRUST Academic Advisory Committee consists of both highly experienced well-known academic members, as well as of emerging young researchers in seismotectonics.
  • CRUST Supporting Staff consists of a few young research fellows, which help with organization.
  • The CRUST Secretarial office is sited at Ud'A University, Chieti and is organized into a scientific and a teaching secretary.
  • The overall CRUST Community at the moment consists of 90 people with position from full professors to fellow researchers with expertise in different fields of structural geology, seismology and geophysics. They are allocated in 12 multidisciplinary Research Units.