Studying and opportunities on CRUST


The CRUST academic-staff is strongly aimed at forming a new generation of experts in “Seismotectonics”, distinguished by a multidisciplinary and multi-scale know-how in structural-geology and seismoloigy, and capable to cover relevant and strategic positions within academic non–academic research institutions, as well as within the industry and the public administration.

Apart from the specific teaching activities performed by each academic CRUST member within its own University, the CRUST community offers a number of opportunities to the post-graduate students (e.g. 1° and 2° year students of Italian Laurea Magitstrale) in Geology and Physics, enrolled at the nine affiliated Universities:


1) Internships of Training and Orientation

Internships of Training and Orientation in geology and seismology are organized by the CRUST academic staff for the post-graduate students enrolled at the nine affiliated Universities.

·  The complete list of trainerships may be found in “Elenco dei Tirocini CRUST”. 

·  The list of responsible teachers may be found in “Responsabili di Sede dei Tirocini CRUST

·  The application form to be compiled by  Italian post-graduate students may be found in “Modulo di Iscrizione ai Tirocini CRUST

With regard to the academic year 2022/2023, the Internships are only activated at the Universities of Catania, Perugia and Messina.


Internships of Training and Orientation link


2) Post-Graduated Thesis

Post-Graduated Thesis (e.g. Italian magistral graduation thesis) can be carried out under the supervision of two teachers from the CRUST staff, a geologist and a seismologist/geophysicist, from two different Universities. A CRUST thesis must present the results of fully integrated structural-geological and sesimological-geophysical data and must contain some original data and/or data-analysis. Whenever representing a new research contribute to the afforded topic, the thesis may be considered for publication.



Post-graduated Thesis link

3) Other teaching and tutorial activities

Under request, interdisciplinary courses in Seismotectonics, inclusive of laboratory and field activities, may be organized for graduate and post-graduate students from abroad and for out-of-academy research institutions. 

The CRUST researches are also willing to transfer their research results to the professional communities, as well as to technicians and administrators of local and government institutions.

Master's Courses and Phd Courses

In addition to the training opportunities that CRUST offers to students, all the affiliated Universities provide Master's Courses and Phd Courses focusing on the various themes developed by CRUST such as Seismotectonics, Structural Tectonics, Geophysics and Seismology.

List of courses offered by the individual Research Units of CRUST: