Internships of Training and Orientation

At the CRUST Universities specific training internships are active for each Research Unit. Each traineeship has a duration of 75 hours, equal to 3 CFU, several traineeships can be carried out by the same student, with a consequent accumulation of CFU if the Graduating Study Plan foresees it.


CRUST Internships List
R.U. of Bologna, "Fisica e Previsione dei Terremoti e dei Maremot", R.U. Resp. Prof. F. Mulargia:

1-Field measures of passive seismic and electrical tomography;

2-Application of code numbers for Tsunami modeling.


R. U. of "Catania Morfotettonica, strutture tettoniche attive e sismologia storica", R.U. Resp.Prof. C. Monaco:

1-Analysis of macroseismic data of historical earthquakes and / or post-earthquake surveys for the assignment of the intensity with EMS scale (European macro-seismic scale);

2- Geodetic monitoring of active faults;

3-Morphostructural and geodynamic analysis of recent and active tectonic structures.


R.U. of Chieti "Structural and Seismotectonic Geology", R.U. Resp. Prof. G. Lavecchia:

1-Geological survey, classic and digital, structural and tensor analysis, construction of thematic maps on GIS platform;

2- Earthquake geology, seismotectonic analysis, seismic hazard analysis;

3-Use of specialized software and analysis of geological and seismological data for the construction of 3D seismogenic structures: limits and potential.


R.U. of Ferrara "Geologia del terremoto e Tettonica", R-.U. Resp. Prof. R. Caputo:

1-Subsurface analysis to assess local seismic effects;

2-Analysis of seismic profiles to characterize active tectonic structures;

3-Management of microseismic network.


R. U. di Messina Sismologia e sorgenti sismiche, R. U. Resp. Prof. B. Orecchio:

1-Study of seismicity for the characterization of seismogenic sources;

2- Focal mechanisms and fields of seismogenic stress.

R.U. of Pavia "Tettonica attiva e integr. di dati 3D geologici, geofisici e di modellazione", R.U. Resp. Prof. Toscani:

1-Analogical modeling of seismogenic structures and related analyzes;

2-Geological-Structural survey of faults and / or fractured rock masses with both classical surveys and remote sensing instruments;

3 - Interpretation of seismic reflection profiles, construction and validation of digital geological models (using dedicated software).


R.U. of Perugia "Esplor. geologica e geofisica del sottosuolo applicata alla sismotettonica", R.U. Resp. U.R. Prof. M. Barchi:

1-Interpretation of seismic reflection lines and geological modeling of the subsoil;

2 - Analysis of repeating earthquakes and queue interferometry to investigate the dynamics of active faults and temporal variations in the physical properties of rocks;

3 - Ground Penetrating 2D-3D Radar for the study of active faults.


R.U. of Roma3 "Deformazione attiva ed evoluzione della topografia", R.U. Resp. Prof. M. Mattei

1-Thermodynamic modeling of seismic velocities and densities;

2- Methods of joint interpretation of surface waves from ambient noise and receiver functions;

3-Analysis of images for the quantification of analog models.


R. U. of Salerno "Sismogenesi e processi deformativi",R.U. Resp. Prof. R.Scarpa:

1-Study of earthquake source parameters and geophysical data inversion methods;

2- Deformation processes and seismicity;

3- Analysis and modeling of soil deformations from terrestrial and satellite data;

4- Seismic and gravimetric tomography.


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