U.R. NAPOLI - recent papers

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URNA007 Luiso P., Paoletti V., Nappi R., Manna M., Cella F., Gaudiosi G., Fedi M., Iorio M. A multidisciplinary approach to characterize the geometry of active faults: the example of Mt. Massico, Southern Italy 2018
URNA006 Luiso P., Paoletti V., Gaudiosi G., Nappi R., Cella F., Fedi M. Testing the value of a multi-scale gravimetric analysis in characterizing active fault geometry at hypocentral depths: the 2016-2017 Central Italy seismic sequence  2018
URNA005 Ferranti, L., Milano, G., Pierro, M Insights on the seismotectonics of the western part of northern Calabria (southern Italy) by integrated geological and geophysical data: Coexistence of shallow extensional and deep strike-slip kinematics 2017
URNA004 Paoletti V., Fedi M., Florio G The structure of the Ischia Volcanic Island from magnetic and gravity data 2017
URNA003 Ferranti, L., Antonioli, F. Monaco, C., Scicchitano, G., Spampinato, C. R. Uplifted Late Holocene paleoshorelines along the coasts of the Calabrian Arc: geodynamic and seismotectonic implications 2017
URNA002 Paoletti V., Passaro S., Fedi M., Marino C., Tamburrino S., Ventura G. Sub-circular conduits and dikes offshore the Somma-Vesuvius volcano revealed by magnetic and seismic data 2016
URNA001 Polonia A., Torelli L., Artoni A., Carlini M., Faccenna C., Ferranti L., Gasperini L., Govers R., Klaeschen D., Monaco C., Neri G., Nijholt N., Orecchio B. & Wortel R. The Ionian and Alfeo-Etna fault zones: New segments of an evolving plate boundary in the central Mediterranean Sea?  2016