1st CRUST award



At the CRUST Workshop, special attention will be devoted to the Poster session. To this aim the organizers have planned a competition for young researchers to promote new ideas and to encourage in-depth exchanges of information. The Poster session will start with a set of short oral presentations of about 3 minutes dedicated to researchers participating to the competition.


A grant of up to € 2000 is awarded to the best poster presented, as first author, by PhD students or researchers within 10 years of completion of their of PhD. The grant fund should be spent to participate, with an oral or poster presentation, to an international scientific meeting and should be used for travel, accommodation costs or registration fees within the next two years. If the first author should be unable to attend another co-author is eligible to receive this fund.

The poster will be evaluated in terms of its interdisciplinarity, innovativeness and graphics (readability, clarity and appealing). A qualified international commission of 3 members will select the winner. All the researchers who intend to participate to the Poster Competition must to fill the Form for the Best Poster (i.e. “Domanda di partecipazione”) and to send it to massimiliano.porreca@unipg.it by 26th April 2019. The details to submit an abstract to participate to the competition are reported in the “Bando per il 1° Premio Scientifico CRUST” attached to this Circular and available at the CRUST Workshop website.

We hope to receive a large participation to the poster competition. For any further information about the Poster competition and support to complete the Form (Domanda di Partecipazione), please contact:

Massimiliano Porreca, email: massimiliano.porreca@unipg.it,

Rita de Nardis, mail: rita.denardis@unich.it,

Myriam Caratu, mail: myriam.caratu@unipg.it


1st CRUST award Winner


Winner: Maria Francesca Ferrario


Title:Surface faulting in-depth: the Central Italy 2016-2017 seismic sequence


Authors: Maria Francesca Ferrario, Franz Livio, Alessandro Michetti



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