Modelling of earthquake-induced tsunami in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Dimova L., Raykova R., Armigliato A., Pagnoni G. and Tinti S.
Source: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2075, 120024 
Year: 2019

A number of tsunamigenic zones in the Eastern Mediterranean region were investigated. Historically, the strongest tsunami waves are excited in the Hellenic and Cyprus arcs, the Aegean Sea and the Levantine coast. We modelled the generation of tsunami specifying the epicenter, the focal mechanism, and the maximum of the observed magnitude for each considered tsunamigenic zone. Our approach is based on the numerical simulations of tsunami waves, performed by the code UBO-TSUFD, developed in the University of Bologna. Initial displacement of the sea floor is calculated in accordance with Okadàs formulas. We focused our discussion on the tsunami impact on the coasts of Karpathos, Cyprus and Levantine countries. Tsunami parameters are computed for each scenario and results are used to build maps of the computed maximum tsunami heights. Synthetic mareograms are simulated for several points near some important coastal cities of the study area.