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Last papers published from 2015 to 2019


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URCH026 Brozzetti F., Boncio P., Cirillo D., Ferrarini F., de Nardis R., Testa A., Liberi F., and Lavecchia G. High‐Resolution Field Mapping and Analysis of the August–October 2016 Coseismic Surface Faulting (Central Italy Earthquakes): Slip Distribution, Parameterization, and Comparison With Global Earthquakes Chieti 2019
URCA006 Scudero S.,  De Guidi G. and  Gudmundsson A. Size distributions of fractures, dykes, and eruptions on Etna, Italy: Implications for magma-chamber volume and eruption potential Catania 2019
URBO003 Dimova L., Raykova R., Armigliato A., Pagnoni G. and Tinti S. Modelling of earthquake-induced tsunami in the Eastern Mediterranean Region Bologna 2019
URBO002 Mulargia F. Unexplained spectral peaks in Earth tremor Bologna 2019
URBO001 Vannucci G., Gasperini P., Lolli B., Gulia L. Fast characterization of sources of recent Italian earthquakes from macroseismic intensities  Bologna 2019
URCA007 Barreca  G., Branca S.,Monaco C. Three‐Dimensional Modeling of Mount Etna Volcano: Volume Assessment, Trend of Eruption Rates, and Geodynamic Significance Catania 2018
URCA004 Barreca G., Corradino M., Monaco C.  and  Pepe F. Active Tectonics along the South East Offshore Margin of Mt. Etna: New Insights from High-Resolution Seismic Profiles Catania 2018
URCH023 Boncio P., Liberi F., Caldarella M. and Nurminen F. C. Width of surface rupture zone for thrust earthquakes: implications for earthquake fault zoning Chieti 2018
URMI001 Cambiotti G., Sabadini R. and Yuen D. A.  Time-dependent geoid anomalies at subduction zones due to the seismic cycle Milano 2018
URCH025 Castaldo R., de Nardis R., DeNovellis V., Ferrarini F., Lanari R., Lavecchia G., Pepe S., Solaro G., and Tizzani P. Coseismic Stress and Strain Field Changes Investigation Through 3-D Finite Element Modeling of DInSAR and GPS Measurements and Geological/Seismological Data: The L’Aquila (Italy) 2009 Earthquake Case Study Chieti 2018
URCA012 De Guidi G., Brighenti F., Carnemolla F., Imposa S., Marchese S. A., Palano M., Scudero S., Vecchio A. The unstable eastern flank of Mt. Etna volcano (Italy): First results of a GNSS-based network at its southeastern edge Catania 2018
URFE002 Falcucci E., Poli M. E., Galadini F., Scardia G., Paiero G. and Zanferrari A. First evidence of active transpressive surface faulting at the front of the eastern Southern Alps, northeastern Italy: insight on the 1511 earthquake seismotectonics Ferrara 2018
URBO005 Lolli B., Gasperini P. and  Rebez A. Homogenization in terms of Mw of local magnitudes of Italian earthquakes that occurred before 1981 Bologna 2018
URBO004 Palano M., Imprescia P., Agnon A. and Gresta G. An improved evaluation of the seismic/geodetic deformation-rate ratio for the Zagros Fold-and-Thrust collisional belt Catania 2018
URBO004 Petruccelli A., Vannucci G., Lolli B., Gasperini P. Harmonic Fluctuation of the Slope of the Frequency–Magnitude Distribution (b‐Value) as a Function of the Angle of Rake Bologna 2018
URFE003 Pettenati F., Sirovich L. and Sandron D. Modern techniques of treating damage patterns (intensity) to retrieve information on the 6 May 1976 M 6.4 earthquake Ferrara 2018
URMI002 Sabadini R. and Cambiotti G. The physics of earthquakes from space gravity missions Milano 2018
URMI003 Xin Zhou, G. Cambiotti, WenKe Sun and R. Sabadini Co-seismic slip distribution of the 2011 Tohoku (MW 9.0) earthquake inverted from GPS and space-borne gravimetric data Milano 2018
URBO007 Aminia H., Gasperini P., Zarec M., Vannucci G. Estimating the macroseismic parameters of earthquakes in eastern Iran  Bologna 2018
URCH022 Boncio P., Amoroso S., Vessia G., Francescone M., Nardone M., Monaco P., Famiani D., Di Naccio D., Mercuri A., Manuel M. R., Galadini F. and Milana G. Evaluation of liquefaction potential in an intermountain Quaternary lacustrine basin (Fucino basin, central Italy) Chieti 2017
URCH019 Brozzetti F., Cirillo D., de Nardis R., Cardinali M., Lavecchia G., Orecchio B., Presti D. and Totaro C.  Newly identified active faults in the Pollino seismic gap, southern Italy, and their seismotectonic significance Chieti 2017
URBO009 Castellaro S., Albarello D. Reconstructing seismic ground motion at reference site conditions: the case of accelerometric records of the Italian National Accelerometric Network (RAN) Bologna 2017
URCA002 Cultrera F., Barreca G., Burrato P.,  Ferranti L., Monaco C., Passaro S.,  Pepe F. and Scarfı`L. Active faulting and continental slope instability in the Gulf of Patti (Tyrrhenian side of NE Sicily, Italy): a field, marine and seismological joint analysis Catania 2017
URCA010 Cultrera F., Barreca G., Ferranti L., Monaco C., Pepe F., Passaro S., Barberi G., Bruno V., Burrato P., Mattia M., Musumeci C., Scarfì L. Structural architecture and active deformation pattern in the northern sector of the Aeolian-Tindari-Letojanni fault system (SE Tyrrhenian Sea-NE Sicily) from integrated analysis of field, marine geophysical, seismological and geodetic data Catania 2017
URCA003 De Guidi G., Vecchio A., Brighenti F., Caputo R., Carnemolla F., Di Pietro A., Lupo M., Maggini M., Marchese S., Messina D.,  Monaco C. and Naso S. Brief communication: Co-seismic displacement on 26 and 30 October 2016 (Mw D 5:9 and 6.5) – earthquakes in central Italy from the analysis of a local GNSS network  Catania 2017
URCH020 Ferrarini F., Boncio P., de Nardis R., Pappone G., Cesarano M., Aucelli P.C., Lavecchia G. Segmentation pattern and structural complexities in seismogenic extensional settings: The North Matese Fault System (Central Italy) Chieti 2017
URBO010 Gasperini P., Lolli B. and Vannucci G. Relative frequencies of seismic main shocks after strong shocks in Italy Bologna 2017
URBO006 Mulargia F.,  Stark P. B. and Geller R. J. Why is Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) still used? Bologna 2017
URBO008 Paparo M. A., Armigliato A., Pagnoni G., Zaniboni F., Stefano Tinti S. Earthquake-triggered landslides along the Hyblean-Malta Escarpment (off Augusta, eastern Sicily, Italy) – assessment of the related tsunamigenic potential  Bologna 2017
URCA008 Santulin M., Tamaro A., Rebez A., Slejko D., Sani F., Martelli L., Bonini M., Corti G. ,Poli M. E., Zanferrari A., Marchesini A., Busetti M., Dal Cin M., Spallarossa D., Barani S., Scafidi D., Barreca G., Monaco C.  Seismogenic zonation as a branch of the logic tree for the new Italian seismic hazard map - MPS16: a preliminary outline Catania 2017
URBO011 Bizzarri A., Liu C. Near-field radiated wave field may help to understand the style of the supershear transition of dynamic ruptures  Bologna 2016
URBO012 Bizzarri A., Petri A. Single slip dynamics  Bologna 2016
URCH021 Boncio P., Dichiarante A.M., Auciello E., Saroli M. and Stoppa F. Normal faulting along the western side of the Matese Mountains: Implications for active tectonics in the Central Apennines (Italy) Chieti 2016
URCH024 Brozzetti F., Cirillo D., Liberi F., Piluso E., Faraca E., De Nardis R. and Lavecchia G. Structural style of Quaternary extension in the Crati Valley (Calabrian Arc): Evidence in support of an east-dipping detachment fault Chieti 2016
URCA011 Cavallaro D., Monaco C., Polonia A., Sulli A., Di Stefano A. Evidence of positive tectonic inversion in the north-central sector of the Sicily Channel (Central Mediterranean) Catania 2016
URCH016 Di Giulio G., de Nardis R., Boncio P., Milana G., Rosatelli G., Stoppa F. and Lavecchia G. Seismic response of a deep continental basin includingvelocity inversion: the Sulmona intramontane basin (Central Apennines, Italy) Chieti 2016
URCH018 Lavecchia G., Adinolfi G.M., de Nardis R., Ferrarini F., Cirillo D., Brozzetti F., De Matteis R., Festa G. and Zollo A. Multidisciplinary inferences on a newly recognized active east-dipping extensional system in Central Italy Chieti 2016
URCH017 G. Lavecchia, R. Castaldo, R. de Nardis, V. De Novellis, F. Ferrarini, S. Pepe, F. Brozzetti, G. Solaro, D. Cirillo, M. Bonano, P. Boncio, F. Casu, C. De Luca, R. Lanari, M. Manunta, M. Manzo, A. Pepe, I. Zinno and P. Tizzani
Ground deformation and source geometry of the 24 August 2016 Amatrice earthquake (Central Italy) investigated through analytical and numerical modeling of DInSAR measurements and structural-geological data
Chieti 2016
URCA009 Monaco C., Barreca G., Agata Di Stefano A. Quaternary marine terraces and fault activity in the northern mainland sectors of the Messina Strait (southern Italy) Catania 2016
URBO013 Mulargia F., Kamenshchik A. The gravitational resolving power of global seismic networks in the 0.1–10 Hz band Bologna 2017
URFE001 Pettenati F., Sirovich L. and Sandron D. Modern techniques of treating damage patterns (intensity) to retrieve information on the 6 May 1976 M 6.4 earthquake Ferrara 2016
URCA001 Pirrotta C., Barbano M.S. and Monaco C. Evidence of active tectonics in southern Calabria (Italy) by geomorphic analysis: the examples of the Catona and Petrace rivers Catania 2016
URME002 Totaro C., Orecchio B., Presti D., Scolaro S. and Neri G. Seismogenic stress field estimation in the Calabrian Arc region (south Italy) from a Bayesian approach Messina 2016
URCH013 Adinolfi G.M., De Matteis R., Orefice A., Festa G., Zollo A., de Nardis R. and Lavecchia G.
The September 27, 2012, ML 4.1, Benevento earthquake: A case of strike-slip faulting in Southern Apennines (Italy)
Chieti 2015
URCH014 Ferrarini F., Lavecchia G., de Nardis R. and Brozzetti F. Fault Geometry and Active Stress from Earthquakes and Field Geology Data Analysis: The Colfiorito 1997 and L’Aquila 2009 Cases (Central Italy) Chieti 2015
URCH015 Lavecchia G., de Nardis R., Costa G, Tiberi L., Ferrarini F., Cirillo D., Brozzetti F. and  Suhadolc P. Strong motion recorded during the Emilia 2012 thrust earthquakes (Northern Italy): a comprehensive analysis Chieti 2015